In-Row Rotary Cultivator

A hydraulically-driven rotary weeder for in-row cultivation of vineyards and other crops grown on a berm. This cultivator is especially useful for the removal of weeds in and around grapevines without major disruption of vine trunks and berms. It is also useful in wine grape production where certain herbicides such as glyphosate are prohibited. ARS researchers have developed a prototype that is about 90% complete.

• Eliminates the use of herbicides while maintaining weed-free berm
• Provides weed control on berms where organic crops are grown
• May be used on a variety of bermed crops where weed-free zones are desired

• May be used in and around a variety of crops grown on berms where a weed-free zone in between and around plants is desired. Rotary cultivator can be used with an existing tractor hydraulic system, or a remote oil tank can be used

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