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Impact igniting incendiary device for projectiles

An improved apparatus and method for fitting a normally non-explosive containing projectile with a spotting charge. A spotting charge capsule is inserted into an opening in the front of a projectile. The opening may be made by removing part of the nose of the projectile and making a shaped opening for inserting the spotting charge capsule. The spotting charge capsule includes an opening at its front and a bore behind the opening leading to a cavity for holding an explosive mixture, usually one or more pressed incendiary pellets. The opening and bore together form a venturi, or venturi-like, tube. The tube ends short of the cavity leaving only a thin wall between the bore and the explosive. On impact on soft media, such as dirt, sand or mud, the soft media will enter the tube and shear the thin wall, creating a high speed flier plate that ignites the explosive mixture.

Austin Leach, PhD, CLP
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Patent Issue Date: 
December 14, 2013
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