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Electrochemical membrane incinerator

Electrochemical incineration of p-benzoquinone was evaluated as a model for the mineralization of carbon in toxic aromatic compounds. A Ti or Pt anode was coated with a film of the oxides of Ti, Ru, Sn and Sb. This quaternary metal oxide film was stable; elemental analysis of the electrolyzed solution indicated the concentration of these metal ions to be 3 mug/L or less. The anode showed good reactivity for the electrochemical incineration of benzoquinone. The use of a dissolved salt matrix as the so-called supporting electrolyte" was eliminated in favor of a solid-state electrolyte sandwiched between the anode and cathode."

Dennis C. Johnson

Linda L. Houk

Jianren Feng

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
April 20, 2001
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