Air Flow Laboratory (AFL)

6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd. Warren MI 48091
The Ground Vehicle Systems Center's Ground Systems Power and Energy Laboratory (GSPEL) Team operates the Air Flow Laboratory (AFL) which supports the execution of component level testing on several critical mobility systems on a variety of military vehicles by use of Calorimeter and Air...
available technology

Air-delivered monocoque submersible vehicle system

An air-delivered submersible vehicle system has a monocoque-construction shell made from a fiber-reinforced plastic material selected from the group consisting of thermoplastics and thermoset plastics. The shell is equipped with a wing kit so that it can be deployed from an aircraft and fly through...

Anthropomorphic Test Device Certification Laboratory (OPL)

44875 N Jefferson Ave Harrison Township MI 48045
The Occupant Protection Laboratory (OPL) is a full service test facility with the resources, capabilities, equipment, and partnerships needed to perform dynamic impact/impulse testing on components, subsystems, or systems. Researchers use the OPL to perform unique “out of the box” impact testing as...
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Attitude estimation using ground imagery

Vehicle attitude is estimated relative to a ground surface over which the vehicle is traveling. An actual image of the ground surface over which the vehicle is traveling is compared with stored or predicted model images of the ground surface. The model images have corresponding known vehicle...
available technology

Auto-focus for circular synthetic aperture sonar

A method of focusing fully-coherent circular synthetic aperture sonar (CSAS) imagery is provided. A k-space representation of the CSAS image is generated using the two dimensional Fast-Fourier Transform (FFT). Sub-aperture images are generated by windowing the k-space representation and applying...