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42: A Comprehensive General-Purpose Simulation of Attitude and Trajectory Dynamics and Control of Multiple Spacecraft Composed of Multiple Rigid or Flexible Bodies

Simulator of spacecraft attitude, orbit dynamics, and environmental models. Spacecraft models composed of multiple bodies are supported. The environment models include ephemerides for all planets and major moons in the solar system. Supports geometrical visualization through an OpenGL interface...
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A Beacon for Baltimore

High on the mainmast of the clipper Pride of Baltimore, crew members have installed a NASA-developed satellite beacon which enables continual tracking of the ship as she roams the seas on goodwill tours. The simple 10-pound beacon affixed to Pride's mainmast allows Baltimore's Operational Sail to...
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A Boon for the Diabetic

Diabetics are no longer concerned with scheduling activities around peaking insulin levels since the use of an external pump from Pacesetter Systems, Inc. used to deliver insulin continuously at a preprogrammed individually adjusted rate. The pump wearer can lead a more normal existence, even...