Tech Focus: Energy

Each year the FLC Tech Focus spotlights a specific technology that addresses a public need and supports both federal laboratories’ research and technology transfer (T2) missions as well as government-wide, economy growth goals.

This year’s theme will center on energy-related expertise, capabilities, and technologies available at federal laboratories. As the engine of the U.S. economy, the energy system plays an essential role in driving our nation’s prosperity and security. Federal laboratories create innovative energy technologies that are vital to transforming the energy system to meet the demands of the world’s changing environment and provide leading energy services that address our nation’s energy needs.

The energy research and development (R&D) conducted at federal laboratories is crucial to meeting our nation’s energy objectives in security, economic growth, and environmental accountability. Currently, our nation’s labs are focusing their energy R&D in three major areas:

Throughout the year, the FLC will focus on each of these energy areas by hosting various activities that will explain each topic and the various sources, and promote the emerging technologies that are helping to improve the U.S. energy enterprise.

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To search the thousands of available energy technologies developed by our federal labs, visit FLC Business. Narrow your search and navigate the FLC Business database by using any of the following energy topics and sub-areas:

Generation – fossil, coal, petroleum, renewable (i.e., solar, wind, water), fusion (Tokamak, Stellarator, inertial confinement), fission nuclear reactor, biomass, geothermal, etc.

Transmission – smart grid, demand response, reverse power flow, etc.

Storage – hydrogen economy, battery, fuel cell, capacitor, etc.

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17 Labs in 17 Minutes - An Podcast

Matt Dozier and Allison Lantero run through 17 DOE labs in 17 minutes. That's 60 seconds to bring you one surprising story from each lab. Remember, this is just a tiny taste of what the labs have to offer. For a deeper dive on each laboratory visit FLC Business

Tech Focus Featured Events

There are numerous ways for federal agencies, labs, and energy industry professionals to get involved and support this year’s energy-related Tech Focus activities.

Click on the Events tab below to view additional energy-related events.

FLC Tech Focus

Energy Driven Webinars

Webinar Series

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is excited to announce its four-part webinar series aligned with this year's Technology Focus Initiative - energy. The energy webinar series will run throughout the upcoming year, and will spotlight the vital role our energy system plays in supporting the nation's infrastructure and economy.

Watch Part One of the FLC Energy Webinar Series on Renewable Energy

Watch Part Two of the FLC Energy Webinar Series on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Energy

Watch Part Three of the FLC Energy Webinar Series on Energy Transmission

Watch Part Four of the FLC Energy Webinar Series on Energy Storage

FLC Tech Focus Award

2017 FLC Tech Focus Award

A new addition to the FLC’s national awards program, the FLC Tech Focus Award is open to all federal agencies and laboratories. The award complements the theme of this year’s Tech Focus initiative by highlighting energy-related T2 efforts that:

  • Address a pressing energy-related challenge
  • Demonstrate beneficial R&D outcomes to an energy-related issue
  • Exhibit exceptional transfer/commercialization of a energy technology.


Nominations for this award will be accepted from any of the FLC award categories, and all submitted nominations can receive an award whether or not they win in their original submitted category. To learn more about the FLC awards, categories, criteria and deadlines, visit our Awards page.

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Energy-Related T2 Activities and Successes