Advanced sensors and instrumentation

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Adaptive Thermal Management System

This invention describes an electrochemical carbon dioxide sensor that integrates a solid polymer electrolyte with a solid-state substrate to yield an economical solid-state sensor, based on a novel and reversible electrochemical reaction scheme, that can continuously, accurately and selectively...
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Advanced Fire Retardant Materials

New polymer blends have been fabricated using a flame retardant additive. The polymer blends are fire retardant at low loadings (low as 5%) and possess improved physical properties and enhanced fire resistance properties. Plastic additives comprise more than 16 billion dollars for the global market...
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Aeroplastic Composites

New organic/inorganic polymeric materials are made by mixing appropriate amounts of inorganic filler with various polymer matrices and processing the mixture under suitable conditions. The inorganic component has been found to change electrostatic, thermal, and physical properties of the materials...
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Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater

The Ammonia Recovery System for Wastewater was developed for potential use as part of the Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSSs) on the International Space Station. ECLSS conditions require low power usage and the avoidance of high temperature and pressure operations. State-of-the-...
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Broadband Light Spectrometer Calibrator

This technology provides highly accurate calibration of the wavelength assignment for spectrometers and is particularly useful when more accuracy is required than can be provided by factory calibration. Compared to current factory calibration techniques, which are accurate to approximately 1.0 nm,...