High altitude releases

available technology

Ice detection sensor

An ice detection sensor for placement on a surface of a body subject to ig includes a Pyrex glass or silicon block for disposal on the body surface, the block having a cavity therein, a diaphragm bonded to the silicon block and covering the cavity, a drive electrode disposed in the cavity and...
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Incendiary device

The various embodiments provide an incendiary device utilizing a multiple hollow core-burner technique that facilitates producing large diameter cuts through steel targets. To facilitate this result, the various embodiments incorporate a multiple-core burning design with multiple orifices at the...
available technology

Injection valves

An injection valve is provided. A first conduit is disposed between first and second chambers of the valve. An entrance to the first conduit is located within the first chamber. A second conduit is concentrically disposed within the first conduit so that there is a first flow passage between the...
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Ion interface for mass spectrometer

A heated capillary tube is axially supported in center of a housing under cuum. One end of the capillary tube receives ions from an ion source. The other end of the capillary tube terminates adjacent to the inner side of a flat plate having an orifice. A transport tube is connected to the outer...
available technology

Launchable grenade system

A launchable grenade system is backwards compatible with conventional launch platforms and is capable of launching a variety of payloads at greater range and increased launch velocity, and with significantly improved targeting accuracy. The grenade is pre-packaged in a disposable launch canister...