High altitude releases

available technology

Flameless Smoke Pot

A flameless smoke pot and a method of generating smoke using the smoke pot. The smoke pot includes a casing having a side wall with air inlet openings and containing a plurality of perforated tubes containing red phosphorous pellets. A heat generating pyrotechnic composition is disposed at a first...
available technology

Force activated switch

An apparatus and method for a switch that is activated by a predetermined mechanical load includes a first layer of plastic material, a second layer of plastic material, a layer of elastomeric material having first and second surfaces, the first surface bonded to the first layer of plastic material...
available technology

Frustum layered canister

A cylindrical canister or respirator filter for use in conjunction with a s mask for individual protection against respiratory hazards, including a frustum shaped carbon bed and a layered array of different size carbon particles in the carbon bed. The interior wall of the canister or respirator is...
available technology

Glovebox air intake emergency safety shutoff

A glovebox air intake emergency safety shutoff system includes a glovebox; a first manual valve operatively connected to the glovebox, wherein the first manual valve articulates between an open position and a closed position; an automatic valve operatively connected to the manual valve, wherein the...