High altitude releases

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Catalytic buffering systems

Compositions and methods for catalytic buffering of enzymatic decontamination reactions are provided. Enzymatic decontamination of organophosphorus or organohalogen compounds generates acidic reaction products that precipitously reduce the pH of the medium, thus impairing activity of the...
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Chemical agent simulant training composition

A composition for simulating and evaluating chemical agent contamination which can be used to safely train military personnel in handling chemical agent contamination. It has a vapor generating component having a vapor pressure of from about 0.1 to about 30 mm Hg at 25.degree. C.; a fluorescent dye...
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Coated-poly containers

A container for facilitating bulk storage and transport of goods, which includes a top portion, a base portion, and a sidewall portion which define an interior cavity, and a polyurea layer of sufficient thickness adhering to and coating at least the exterior areas of the top, base and sidewall...
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Coaxial needle atomizing system

An atomizing system tar generating an aerosol for inhalation research is disclosed. The atomizing system, in one embodiment, is capable of functioning efficiently at ultra-low liquid and low gas feed rates through the use of a 32 gauge feed line. This feed line reduces dead space in the atomizing...