Wireless Communications Systems

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Communications Network

The Multi-Compatible Network Interface Unit (MCNIU) is intended to connect the space station's communications and tracking, guidance and navigation, life support, electric power, payload data, hand controls, display consoles and other systems, and also communicate with diverse processors. Honeywell...
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Composite Nacelles

Rohr Industries, Inc. is currently researching composite jet nacelle engines. As composites can only tolerate heat up to 350 degrees, heat flow is a major concern. The company employs TRASYS to predict how much heat will be generated and how fast it will be dissipated under different conditions...
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Computer Game

Using NASA studies of advanced lunar exploration and colonization, KDT Industries, Inc. and Wesson International have developed MOONBASE, a computer game. The player, or team commander, must build and operate a lunar base using NASA technology. He has 10 years to explore the surface, select a site...
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Conducting the Heat

Johnson Space Center granted ESLI a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop thermal interface materials that are lightweight, compliant, and demonstrate high thermal conductance even for non-flat surfaces. ESLI created Vel-Therm,R a soft, carbon fiber velvet consisting of...
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Construction Equipment

FMC Corporation conducts extensive proof lift tests and computerized analysis to insure that the cranes can lift rated capacity loads up to one million pounds in a wide range of applications. In their analysis work, engineers makes use of a computer program supplied by COSMIC. Called Analysis of...