Wireless Communications Systems

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Breaking the Language Barrier

Preparation for the Apollo Soyuz mission entailed large-scale informational exchange that was accomplished by a computerized translation system. Based on this technology of commercial machine translation, a system known as SYSTRAN II was developed by LATSEC, Inc. and the World Translation Company...
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Calculation Software

MathSoft Plus 5.0 is a calculation software package for electrical engineers and computer scientists who need advanced math functionality. It incorporates SmartMath, an expert system that determines a strategy for solving difficult mathematical problems. SmartMath was the result of the integration...
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Cardiac Monitor

Under contract to Johnson Space Center, the University of Minnesota developed the concept of impedance cardiography as an alternative to thermodilution to access astronaut heart function in flight. NASA then contracted Space Labs, Inc. to construct miniature space units based on this technology...
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Catamaran Nets

West Coast Netting, Inc.'s net of Hyperester twine, is made of three strands of fiber twisted together by a company-invented sophisticated twisting machine and process that maintain precisely the same tension on each strand. The resulting twine offers higher strength and improved abrasion...
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CFS Command and Data Dictionary Tool (CCDDT)

This software is a configurable ground-based software tool for managing spacecraft command and telemetry data. It accepts multiple input formats and produces output files suitable for use by flight and display software tools. No agreement with NASA is needed. You can download the software at: https...
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CFS-101 Training

This is a training tool for individuals to learn how to develop software with NASA-developed Core Flight software (CFS) framework. No agreement is necessary through this catalog. Software is available at open source site.