Wireless Communications Systems

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Biological Isolation Garment

A spinoff of astronaut's biological garment will allow hospital patients who are highly vulnerable to infection to leave their sterile habitats for several hours, carrying their germ free environment with them. Garments can be used in any of some 200 hospitals where isolation rooms are installed to...
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Blood Collection

The method that is used for the collection, storage and real-time analysis of blood and other bodily fluids has been licensed to DBCD, Inc. by NASA. The result of this patent licensing agreement has been the development of a commercial product that can provide serum or plasma from whole blood...
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Blood Pressure Checker

Medimax 30 is a coin-operated self checking device that produces blood pressure readings in only 30 seconds and provides a printed record as well. It is extremely simple; user puts an arm in the self-adjusting cuff and the rest is completely automatic. Medimax 30 allows the hypertension sufferer to...
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Blood Pressure Control

Engineering Development Lab., Inc.'s E-2000 Neck Baro Reflex System was developed for cardiovascular studies of astronauts. It is regularly used on Space Shuttle Missions, and a parallel version has been developed as a research tool to facilitate studies of blood pressure reflex controls in...
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Body-Building Boons from Apollo

Normal methods of exercise were not applicable in space, due to weightlessness and limited space, Johnson Space Center developed the Exergenie." Device weighs less than two pounds and takes up very little room yet permits a wide range of resistive exercises such as isometrics and isotonics but with...
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Branched Multi-Functional Macromonomers

Bottlebrush block copolymers and polymeric star nanoarchitectures are polymeric structures with a variety of useful mechanical and biological properties. Importantly, the physical characteristics of the bottlebrushes and stars can be tuned based on the type of polymers used in the synthesis, and...