In 2016, Georgia-based federal agencies and laboratories received a federal R&D investment of $1.2 billion. They leveraged that investment via their technology transfer efforts to address societal needs, promote economic development and growth, and enhance U.S. competitiveness. From defense to life sciences to energy to agriculture, Georgia-based federal agencies and labs are meeting the technology transfer mission envisioned by Congress.

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Federal Obligations for R&D in Georgia, 2016 ($ thousands)
All agencies 1,292,746
Department of Agriculture 75,146
Department of Commerce 3,530
Department of Defense 347,871
Department of Energy 27,071
Department of Health and Human Services 659,620
Department of Homeland Security 6,262
Department of the Interior 4,081
Department of Transportation 8,788
Environmental Protection Agency 9,637
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 30,434
National Science Foundation 120,306

Source: NSF Science and Engineering Profiles



Michael Merriken

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Rotavirus is the single most important cause of severe diarrhea among children throughout the world, and it is responsible for millions of hospitalizations and an estimated 527,000 deaths per year, with 85% of these deaths occurring in developing countries. While live oral rotavirus vaccines have...