In 2016 California-based federal agencies and laboratories received a federal R&D investment of $15.7 billion. They leveraged that investment via their technology transfer efforts to address societal needs, promote economic development and growth, and enhance U.S. competitiveness. From defense to life sciences to energy to agriculture, California-based federal agencies and labs are meeting the technology transfer mission envisioned by Congress.

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Federal Obligations for R&D in California, 2016 ($ thousands)
All agencies 15,713,806
Department of Agriculture 126,914
Department of Commerce 56,393
Department of Defense 5,770,091
Department of Energy 2,187,105
Department of Health and Human Services 3,596,158
Department of Homeland Security 70,577
Department of the Interior 72,149
Department of Transportation 43,620
Environmental Protection Agency 9,113
National Aeronautics and Space Administration 3,025,150
National Science Foundation 756,535

Source: NSF Science and Engineering Profiles



Jennifer Stewart
	Aircraft Gun Harmonization Facility

Aircraft Gun Harmonization Facility

The Gun Harmonization Facility is a concrete pad with a retaining wall constructed on three sides. The facility measures 50-foot W X 70-foot D. It contains approximately 100 tons of washed plaster sand and has railroad ties and sand bags configured around the exterior to eliminate possible...
	Audio Visual Center

Audio Visual Center

The Audiovisual Services Center provides still photographic documentation with laboratory support, video documentation, video editing, video duplication, photo/video instrumentation documentation, motion picture processing, audiovisual tape/film library, audiovisual equipment loan, graphic and...
 Aerospace Ground Equipment Complex

Aerospace Ground Equipment Complex

The Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) Flight provides pickup, delivery, repair, modification, inspection, and servicing of powered and nonpowered Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) valued at over $24.5 million. The flight performs service inspections, Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO), minor and...

11-by 11-foot Transonic Wind Tunnel

The 11-foot TWT is a closed-return, variable-density tunnel with a fixed-geometry, ventilated test section with a flexible wall nozzle. It is one of three separate test sections powered by a common drive system. A three-stage, axial-flow compressor powered by four wound-rotor, variable-speed...