Assistive Technology


"Selfie Stick" for Skin Conditions

Laboratory: Department of Veterans Affairs ( Minneapolis VA Medical Center ) Technology: Flexible, long-handled camera that helps at-risk patients monitor their skin for pressure sores, foot sores, and other conditions. Opportunity: The VA is looking for a partner for further development and...
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"Virtual World" Helps With Post-traumatic Stress

by Cheryl Pellerin Department of Defense (DOD) officials are using virtual-world interactivity to educate and help warfighters and others who are reluctant to seek more direct care to deal with post-traumatic stress, said an official at the National Center for Telehealth and Technology, also known...

AFRL’s Battlefield Trauma Software Technology

Laboratory : Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Airman Systems Directorate Technology : Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distributed Observation Kit (BATDOK) Opportunity : This AFRL-developed technology is available for licensing and collaboration with AFRL researchers. Details : As a point-of-injury...

Electronically Extendable Mouth Stick Stylus for Tablet Computers

Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Technology: Adjustable mouth stick stylus that allows users to effectively use and control tablet computer devices Summary: Tablet computer devices provide paralyzed patients with easier access to computer technology and the Internet. Mouth stick styli...
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Engineering a New Face After Injury

Today, surgeons face many limitations when it comes to helping a patient who suffers from a severe craniofacial injury or an injury pertaining to the skull and the face. Most often a result of cancer or war-related circumstances, the injury is both psychologically and physically damaging. Will the...

Firm-Contact Apparel Prosthesis for Tremor Suppression

Laboratory/Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs Technology: Orthotic device for alleviating or suppressing the effects of kinetic tremors. Specifically, the device is a sleeve, band, or sleeve with a band incorporated within it that applies pressure to any area of the arm, wrist, hand, or fingers...
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Fly-Inspired Acoustic Sensor

Laboratory: Army Research Laboratory (ARL) , Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate Technology: Highly accurate, micro-electrical-mechanical (MEMS) directional acoustic sensor Opportunity: Available for licensing and CRADA opportunities. The inventor team is available to work with the...