From updates on collaborative partnership agreements to exciting scientific and technological discoveries, our regional labs are carrying out cutting-edge R&D projects on a daily basis to better our place in the global market. Read up on the latest news, events and activities from the FLC Far West regional laboratories.

NREL researcher Guido Bender, works on gas manifold corridor for cell testing in the Fuel Cell Test and Development Lab at the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado. Photo credit: Dennis Schroeder/NREL. 

The ARM flights were flown on NASA’s SubsoniC Research Aircraft Testbed G-III aircraft, or SCRAT, at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California. NASA combined three technologies, including landing gear noise reduction, landing gear cavity treatments, and the adaptive compliant trailing edge flexible wing flap, to demonstrate a reduction in airframe noise in excess of 70 percent. This may reduce aircraft noise for communities near airports. (Photo credits: NASA/Ken Ulbrich)

The NSWC Crane T2 team accepts the George Linsteadt Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer in San Diego. Pictured (l-r): Annie Bullock, T2 & IP Program Support; Jenna Dix, T2 Agreements Administrator; Dr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Director, Laboratories & STEM Development Office; Kelly Stephens, T2 Program Support; and Brooke Pyne, ORTA and T2 Program Director. (Photo credit: NSWC Crane Corporate Communications)

Rendering of a 2D X-ray scattering pattern containing information about the multiscale structure of a carbon nanotube (CNT) “forest” across four-orders-of-magnitude-in-length scale, a much wider range than previously achieved. Fully resolved features include the graphitic lattice and interlayer wall spacing, CNT diameter, CNT spacing and vertical corrugations. (Image by Ryan Chen/LLNL)