Far West

A light activated generator having a rotor driven by mechanical power induced by the effects of light impingment.. The rotor utilizes a series of vanes rotatable around an axle, with each vane is separated into a first surface and a second surface having differing emissivities. Additionally, each vane includes an electrical conductor.

A mechanical rotor capable of generating rotary mechanical power by the effects of light impinging on the parallel surfaces of multiple vanes. The light activated rotor utilizes a number of vanes affixed to a hub rotatable around an axle, with the vanes typically in a perpendicular arrangement to the axle. Each vane is separated into a first surface and a second surface with the first and second surface generally side-by-side and sharing a common boundary. Additionally, the first and second surfaces have differing emissivities for incident, impinging light.

A capacitor utilizing a dielectric of a porous, non-electrically conductive, skeletal frame saturated with a liquid containing dissolved ions, capable of achieving dielectric constants in excess of 105. Upon the application of an electric field, ions dissolved in the saturating liquid contained in the pores travel toward the ends of liquid micro volumes creating giant dipoles. The fields of these giant dipoles oppose the applied field, reducing the net field created per unit of charge on the capacitor plates, and effectively increasing charge/voltage ratio, hence capacitance.