Take "Introduction to CRADAs"—Our Newest E-course!

Take "Introduction to CRADAs"—Our Newest E-course!


We’re excited to announce a new learning opportunity! Our newest free e-learning course, “Introduction to CRADAs,” is now available on demand in our learning center!

As one of the most common and important technology transfer mechanisms, the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) is an area in which the federal labs really shine, and it is crucial to understand if you’re in the field. We’re committed to getting the fundamentals of CRADAs to you in a format that you can access at any time throughout the year—and that you can share easily with others.

So, we’re starting with the basics! This introductory level e-course only takes about 15 minutes. It covers basic, but essential, CRADA knowledge:

  • CRADA function and purpose
  • What CRADAs can accomplish
  • When CRADAs are used.

Visit our learning center to check out the course. It’s designed for newcomers who are just starting out in tech transfer; so if you’re already an expert, we hope you’ll share it with the “rookies” in your office !

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