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NAVSOLVE™, an Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Solvent



Laboratory: Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Materials Engineering Division

Technology: NAVSOLVE™, a non-petroleum-based solvent cleaner that meets and exceeds stringent low-VOC and HAP-free specifications. This composition has proven effective for cleaning oils, hydraulic fluids and grease, and is the only composition that meets and exceeds MIL-PRF-32295 for Type II cleaners, which involve a wet application with a cloth or spray and air drying.

Advantages: Traditional petroleum-based solvents contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause health and environmental problems. Typical petroleum-based solvents such as mineral spirits, Stoddard Solvent, PD-680, and MIL-PRF-680 contain significant quantities of these compounds that release into the air during cleaning processes and contribute to the level of ground-level ozone (photochemical smog), which can damage lung tissue, cause respiratory illness, and damage vegetation.


  • Cleaning efficiency equal to that of MIL-PRF-680
  • Low-VOC/HAP-free/Non-ODS
  • High flash point (>140 °F)
  • Non-offensive odor
  • Fast drying
  • Nontoxic and noncorrosive
  • Compatible with metal and non-metals

Opportunity: Available for testing under an LP-CRADA or for commercialization under a licensing agreement.

Contact: Dan Swanson, CLP

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