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Monoclonal Antibodies That Counteract Norovirus

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Laboratory: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)

Technology: Monoclonal antibodies that neutralize Norovirus

Opportunity: NIAID is looking for interested and capable parties who would like to pursue collaborative research to further develop, evaluate or commercialize development of a therapeutic or diagnostic for Norovirus infections.

Details: Currently, no vaccines or therapies exist to prevent and treat Norovirus—a virus that is prevalent worldwide and commonly occurs in group settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, dormitories, military barracks, cruise ships and schools. NIAID’s technology is comparable to chimpanzee-human chimeric monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to Norovirus and have therapeutic potential. The antibodies were tested in a primate model of infection and showed protection against Norovirus. The Norovirus antibodies have possible application as immunoprophylaxis to protect individuals from infections or as a possible treatment for infected individuals, or used to develop a diagnostic for detection of Norovirus infections.

Benefits: Since no vaccines or therapeutics currently exist to prevent Norovirus, the development and commercialization of this technology would fulfill a therapeutic and diagnostic need of the virus.

Potential Applications

  • Therapeutics
  • Diagnostics


Contact: For more information or collaborative opportunities for this technology, contact Dr. Jenish Patel at

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