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Maintenance Cycle Times Significantly Reduced With JITWIS eSuite

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Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD) Lakehurst recently patented the Just In Time Wiring Information System (JITWIS) eSuite, which provides immediate access to technical data needed to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain wiring systems across multiple applications.

Integrated-Diagnogtics-Tools"Pinpointing the correct part and tool to repair a wiring problem within a complex system like an aircraft has the potential to save the Department of the Navy over $3 million per year in cost avoidance and reduce maintenance manhours by ten percent fleetwide," said Gaetan Mangano, Office of Research and Technology Applications representative at NAWCAD Lakehurst.

Two engineers at NAWCAD Lakehurst, Gail Edwards and Thomas Kowalski, patented a system to identify the proper part and tool necessary to fix wiring problems in a timely manner by a sailor performing maintenance duties using a hand-held wire tester. JITWIS eSuite allows a user to enter the characteristics of a part in order to find the correct part number, using a series of questions such as the shape of the connector, the color, and how many pins it has.

The JITWIS eSuite automatically suggests the proper fix, thus eliminating the many hours spent researching the required technical information in system or aircraft technical manuals, military and commercial specifications, as well as wiring component vendor catalogs. The JITWIS eSuite frees the maintainer to focus on the urgent mission need and get aircraft back on sortie detail.

In addition to directly benefiting the Department of the Navy by reducing time and money spent on unscheduled maintenance manhours, the JITWIS eSuite’s flexibility and unique nature are also applicable to automobile systems, ground weapon systems (tank, armored personnel carriers), spacecraft, and support equipment. The JITWIS eSuite is deployable via the Internet.

For more information: NAWCAD technology transfer office, 732-323-2899

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