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A view of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s new scientific supercomputer—Summit. (Photo credit: Department of Energy)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientist Honghe Zheng holds a coin cell sized battery that is used to evaluate high energy density electrode formulations at the lab's Environmental Energy Technology Division’s battery testing facility. Berkeley Lab is one of several major U.S. research institutions and industrial firms that form the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, a public-private partnership that aims to overcome critical scientific and technical barriers and create new breakthrough energy storage technologies. (Photo credit: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Photo credit: Laurie Zaleski and Michael Gross/FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center.

Radiochemical technicians David Denton and Karen Murphy use hot cell manipulators at Oak Ridge National Laboratory during the production of actinium-227. (Photo credit: ORNL)

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist Manyalibo (Ibo) Matthews, left, recently showed representatives from companies in the additive manufacturing, automotive, and aerospace industries the Lab's newest facility, the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory, located in the Livermore Valley Open Campus. (Photos by Julie Russell/LLNL)

Photo credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory

Dr. Govind Mallick, a research chemist with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, is one of the inventors. (Photo credit: TechLink)

AFRL is launching Express Licensing, a one-stop shopping approach that allows entrepreneurs to discover available AFRL-developed technologies, and to quickly and easily determine if a licensing opportunity fits their capabilities. Pictured here are voxelated liquid crystal elastomers, a shape-changeable soft material technology available on the Express Licensing website. (Photo courtesy of AFRL)