Management Support Office

Management Support Office

The FLC Management Support Office (MSO) staff is dedicated to serving the FLC and you. All staff members can be reached by phone, fax, or email. Individual phone extensions and email addresses are provided below.

FLC Management Support Office
950 North Kings Hwy, Suite 105
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Phone: 856-667-7727
Fax: 856-667-8009

Marc Snyderman, Esq.

Program Manager

Phone: 856-667-6770, ext. 129

Thomas Brown

State & Local Government Committee Coordinator
Mid-Atlantic Regional Support
Northeast Regional Support

Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 122

Alexandra Springer

Meeting Planner

Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane
Phone: 856-423-7222, ext. 248

Rick Christ

Midwest Regional Support

Phone: 856-667-7309

Cris Johnsrud

Southeast Regional Support

Phone: 386-454-5676

Rick Shindell

Far West Regional Support

Phone: 360-681-4123

Ann Kerksieck

Mid-Continent Regional Support

Phone: 870-241-3382

Denise Wainer

Communications Specialist

Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 170

Steve Boardman, Ph.D.

Senior Training Specialist

Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 119

Lauren Pafumi

Training Specialist

Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 154

Michele Chambers

Awards Coordinator

Phone: (609) 531-4257

Jenna Mancuso

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 218

Michael Lacombe

Laboratory and Business Systems Support Specialist

Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. (UTRS)
Phone: 856-667-7727, ext. 479

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