Online Courses

From fundamental T2 training to in-depth success case studies, the FLC curriculum covers the ins and outs of the T2 process. Expand your T2 knowledge anytime and anywhere with our on demand online courses. Select a course and get started today!

Track: T2 100

If you are brand-new to the field, this 30-minute interactive course is your starting point to navigating the basic concepts of federal technology transfer. This free course serves as a prerequisite for the T2 Fundamentals course offered at our annual training event.

Track: CRADA 100

This e-course will introduce you to one of technology transfer’s most important mechanisms, the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA). In about 15 minutes, you will learn what CRADAs are, their function and purpose, what they can accomplish, and when they are used.

Track: CRADA 101

This 15-minute course follows up from “Introduction to CRADAs” by providing a broad understanding of how Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs) work.

Track: CRADA 102

Take at you own pace! This course will help experienced federal T2 practitioners understand the process and considerations for developing and managing a good CRADA. The main goal of the course is to assist T2 professionals in the actual development of a CRADA.

Track: T2 Timeline 100a

This interactive timeline shows and describes major legislation related to federal technology transfer.