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This ARDEC facility consists of subsonic, transonic, and supersonic wind tunnels to acquire aerodynamic data. Full-scale and sub-scale models of munitions are fitted with sensitive laboratory instruments and mounted in the wind tunnels to measure free-flight aerodynamic characteristics such as stability, drag, spin rates, fuze arming, etc. The facility can accommodate munitions of all types, from small arms to large caliber anti-tank, mortar, and artillery rounds. In most cases the items can be tested at tactical flight conditions.

Aerodynamic information can also be collected on objects other than projectiles, including submunitions. A low-speed, low-turbulence wind tunnel has been procured and the wind tunnel staff is currently working to get this facility on-line. This wind tunnel may be used for analyzing UAVs, grenades, and other items subject to low speed conditions.

The wind tunnel staff has access to fabrication shops and rapid prototype facilities enabling test item modifications to be made quickly. This facility also has a physical property measurement lab, for measuring the mass, center of gravity and moments of inertia of inert items. A small-scale temperature conditioning chamber is also available for items that must be tested at non-ambient temperatures.

The facility can conduct work for contractors by implementing a Test Service Agreement. In 2008 testing was completed for subscale 105mm and 120mm guided munitions, full scale control mechanisms of 105mm and 120mm guided munitions, grenade ribbon deployment, and other proprietary programs.

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