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This team researches and designs desalination, water treatment, and wastewater treatment systems. These systems remediate water containing hazardous c hemicals and compounds to meet current requirements, including the Safe Drinking Water Act, Clean Water Act, and quality requirements for water reuse or discharge. The group's work includes researc hing pretreatment techniques, chlorine resistant membranes, concentrate disposal tec hniques, renewable energy related to treatment, methods for reducing fouling, reducing operatio n and maintenance costs, and identifying and resolving environmental iss ues. Researc h contracts with universities, nonprofit organizations, and private industry are managed to cost share research and testing projects. The Water Treatment Engineering Researc h Team's servic es include: � Adva nced treatment workshops on desalination, reuse, concentrate management, and ot her issues � Research and pilot stud ies, laboratory and demonstration testing � Testing and demonstrations of treatment for brackish water, seawater, irrigation return flows, produced water, and reclaimed water � Standards setting � Technology transfer The team installs and tests pretreatment systems using advanced water treatment and desalting pilot plants, low-grade heat brine disposal systems, salt-gradient solar ponds, and renewable energy-driven pumping and desalting systems.

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