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The Artillery and Mortars Division capability currently encompasses all aspects of computer-aided design, conceptual solid modeling, finite element modeling and analysis, dynamic weapon system simulation, computer aided manufacturing analysis and computer aided drafting.

Virtual Prototyping (VP) supports and accelerates the Acquisition process through interactive, synergistic models and simulations. VP achieves its many benefits through realistic simulation of hardware in virtual environments by real users far in advance of any operational end products or static physical mockups. Virtual Reality (VR) Simulation fully immerses the user into a synthetic environment suitable for true user-in-the-loop evaluation of emerging technologies. Users are able to rapidly evaluate and interact with which is only a computer based 'notion' in a realistic environment. VP/VR allows for many design iterations in place of costly physical fabrications, bringing the power of real time "what-if" computer analysis. SBA/SMART (Simulation Based Acquisition/Simulation and Modeling for Acquisition Requirements and Training) are two Army wide initiatives that are supported by VP/VR. VP models and VR simulations not only support traditional item development, but also allow real time user in-the-loop logistical, maintenance, training and requirements evaluations of concept weapons systems, early in the design cycle. These permits robust designs that are more sustainable, producible and more effective when produced.

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