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he National Capital Area (NCA) Medical Simulation Center is a state-of-the-art training facility located near the main USU campus. It uses simulated patients (i.e., experienced actors and actresses who are trained to simulate various physical and mental health problems) to train medical students, clinical psychology students, and other health professionals and to evaluate students' progress and level of clinical skill development.

The Simulation Center is used in the training of clinical psychology students to help students develop and practice interviewing, assessment, and psychotherapy skills. Simulated Patients (SPs) take on particular roles developed by the Simulation Center and the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology. The SPs are trained to behave and react in a particular manner, providing the students with immediate feedback and a real-time learning experience. Students are required to utilize a wide variety of clinical modalities and techniques. All encounters with the SPs are digitally videotaped for the student's and the faculty supervisor's review. Class group supervision time also is used to debrief the experience, critique the videotapes, and provide peer-peer and professor feedback.

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