U.S. Army Petrolium Laboratory


FLC Region

Security Lab



6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
United States


Technical Authority:
- Responsible for quality surveillance testing mission for Army petroleum products per AR710-2 and DA-PAM-710-2
- Laboratory certified by the DOD Shelf Life Program to test package POL. Certified to test multiple POL items in Federal Supply classes 9150/6850/6810
- ONLY Army fuel laboratory capable to test at a full B-2 level of testing which is required to ensure the product is not deteriorating due to age, environmental or storage conditions.

- Quick testing turnaround
- Cost-effective, continuous tests
- Skilled lab associates operating equipment
- Single-point testing to easily send samples
- Test results are maintained electronically

Testing Categories
- Quality Surveillance of bulk petroleum products/fuels
- Includes performing filter effectiveness tests to check filter separators efficiency on Army owned equipment
- Petroleum Shelf Life Extension for DOD Owned packaged products:
- Installation owned and war reserve product
- Random testing on manufacturers first lot runs
- Coal testing for qualifying mine seams and quality assurance of coal being delivered to Army installations

Quality Surveillance Program
- Ensures quality of the product supplied from commercial sources to the Army activities and the Army National Guard
- Maintains quality of Army owned petroleum products and equipment such as tanks, trucks, HMMWVs, MRAPS, tactical and non-tactical, equipment, etc.
- Assists with crash investigations
- Assists with laboratory certification and correlation programs of fixed and deployable Army petroleum laboratories
- Evaluates products for new EPA requirements
- Evaluates the day to day operational issues associated with POL products

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