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Tire Test Machine

- Conducts comprehensive tests of rim and tire characteristics under a wide range of duty-cycle and environmental conditions, providing the most accurate simulation of realworld usage available in North America.
- Captures the resulting data for later use in computer M&S studies.
- To match Tire Test Machine testing capabilities, a manufacturer would need to drive from Texas in August to Alaska in January, and back; even then, the data captured would not be as comprehensive.

Machine Performance
- Top Speed: 60 MPH
- Maximum Load: 30,000 lb
- Wide Drum Wheel : 36 in
- Camber/Yaw: ± 5 degree
- Inflation/ Deflation System

- Measure Tire Rolling Resistance
- Measure Tire Drag Force
- Torque Measurement
- Perform Protocols: SAE J1269, SAE J2452, ISO 18164, ISO 28580

- Longitudinal Load, Fx: 20,000 lb
- Lateral Load, Fy: 20,000 lb
- Normal Load, Fz: 20,000 lb
- Brake Torque, My: 47,000 ft-lb
- Rolling Resistance Load, Fx: 200lb

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