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The ARDEC TPS Laboratory provides an organic Test Program Set (TPS) development, maintenance, and life cycle management capability for DoD LCMC materiel developers. Althought its primary responsibility is to Army TACOM LCMC, its capabilities have attracted other DoD material developers. Current TPS customers are Ml Abrams, M2 /M3 Bradley Family of Vehicles, LW155 Towed Artillery Digitization (TAD), Common Remote Operated Weapon (CROWS), Marine Corp LAV, Kiowa Warrior Remote Rocket Assembly, and M109A6 Paladin. The laboratory has a large in-house knowledge base of engineers, scientist, technicians, and contractors who have experience developing TPSs, separating it from other LCMC support centers. Their experience includes the following Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) platforms: IFTE V3, IFTE V5, Aurora (Mantech VTS-1000), Marine Corp TETS, ADADS, AN/USM-410 EQUATE, AN/USM-465 (Genrad 2225A), DSESTS, Huntron, and DIT-MCO.

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