Survivability Armor Ballistics Laboratory (SABL)


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6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
United States


Ballistic Testing of Transparent and Opaque Armor Solutions
The SABL performs ballistic tests to multiple specifications including:
- ATPD 2352
- MIL-STD-662F
- STANAG 4569
- MIL-STD-3040
- Customer directed test plans

Transparent, metallic, and composite armor coupons and vehicle armor components are tested for:
- First Article
- Production Control
- Research

SABL Inventory
The SABL inventory contains more than 30 different projectiles which range in size from 5.56mm to 105mm and include a variety of ammunition types:
- Fragment Simulating Projectiles
- Armor Piercing
- Ball
- Plate-proofing Projectiles

Impact Chamber
SABL’s 1,440ft3 impact chamber is designed to accommodate large targets and/or system components.
The lab has the capability to manufacture and assemble custom fixtures for complex targets as required.
The SABL offers a walk-in environmental chamber which allows targets to be thermally cycled and tested at hot or cold temperatures.

Field Testing at Camp Grayling
SABL conducts large caliber ballistic shock evaluations on Range 35 at Camp Grayling’s Multipurpose Range Complex.
Capabilities include:
- 37mm, 57mm, and 75mm steel projectiles
- 37mm, 57mm, 75mm, and 105mm aluminum projectiles

The SABL is an ISO 17025 accredited lab.

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