Sensor Testing in Open Air Range


Security Lab




RTC provides testing for sensors on Redstone Arsenal open air ranges and with safari test capabilities worldwide. Primary test mission areas include ground and airborne testing of seeker and sensor systems in an open air field environment.

RTC performs Sensor and Seeker field tests in the following areas:

• Captive Carry Testing such as Stabilized Electro-Optical Airborne Instrumentation Platform (SEAIP)

• Ground based sensor testing • Spectral characterization of targets and environments

• Testing of detection, acquisition and recognition systems

• GPS tracking tests such as Low-Cost, All-purpose, Instrumentation Tracking System (LOCAITS)

• Ground and aerial target support

Test areas at Redstone Arsenal provide an open air instrumented range environment that serves as the primary range for field sensor test operations. The range encompasses more than 2,000 acres, with elevated pads ranging in height. Test Area 6 offers integration facilities and limited fabrication and machining capabilities. The Hatton Mountain Sensor Test Facility provides a 8.7 Km line-of-sight to the end of Test Area 3. Also RTC has an inventory of over 15 types of obscurants & countermeasures that are available for field sensor and seeker testing, signature measurement, etc.

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