Remote Machining and Evaluation of Explosively Filled Munitions


FLC Region

Security Lab



Picatinny Arsenal




This facility is used for remote machining of explosively loaded ammunition. Munition sizes from small arms through 8-inch artillery can be accommodated. Sectioning, de-bulleting, lathe turning, milling, drilling, crimping, and de-torquing capabilities are available. Typical uses include surveillance testing of high explosive filled warheads, malfunction investigations, evaluation of experimental munitions and disassembly, modification and preparation of explosively loaded projectiles. Evaluation capabilities include Air Gun launching, high speed photography, Explosively Formed Penetrator (EFP) and Shaped Charge warhead evaluation, Flash x-ray, Fluoroscope, Mass Properties, Satellite machine shop, Insensitive Munitions tests, Fast and Slow Cook-off testing and armor penetration evaluation.

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