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The Reliability Physics / Failure Analysis Laboratory performs reliability assessments and failure analysis studies of electronic components and systems. These include discrete, integrated and hybrid electronic components both active and passive, subassemblies and assemblies including printed wiring boards, solder joints and interconnects, mechanical systems including single components, timers and S & A's, electro-mechanical components and systems, and optical and electro-optical components and systems.

The Reliability Physics / Failure Analysis Laboratory provides excellent capabilities. The Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), equipped with both wavelength and energy dispersive spectrometers, enables the observation of microstructures and performs full elemental (both qualitative and quantitative) analysis. The SEM can produce images with resolutions as fine as 4nm. The laboratory contains all the equipment required to sample preparation and surface analysis, including high quality optical microscopes, carbon and gold coaters and a dedicated machine shop. Coupled with other fine facilities in the A&IFD Laboratories, this lab can perform a number of analytical techniques in the area of semi-conductor failure analysis, such as voltage contrast and current induced failure detection. In the voltage contrast mode, a suspect device can be lowered while being examined with the microscope. All positively charged metalization runs will appear dark while negatively charged runs will appear light. While functioning, isolation of defective areas can easily be accomplished.

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