Radiological Analysis & Development Facility


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Picatinny Arsenal




This facility is used to nondestructively examine items including explosives, and to investigate automated, real-time radiographic technology including neutron radiography, a 25-million volt (Mv) x-ray, image analysis, neural network, and computed topography systems. Shown here is the 2 Mv Linetron that generates x-ray beams with a selection of energies from 1 to 2 Mv and is indispensable in the radiographic examination of mid-range, high explosive ammunition (40mm through 105mm). It is useful in examining a wide range of items including fuzes, flares, rocket motors, and shells up to 155mm. These inspections are necessary to detect critical defects, such as cracks and voids in explosives and propellants and missing or improperly assembled parts in fuzes. The 180° panoramic X-Ray beam available from the 2 Mv system is put to maximum advantage through the use of a continuous, carousel-type conveyor. This heavy, precision-built system carries the items being inspected and X-Ray films through the X-Ray beam on a continuous basis without vibration or adverse motion. It permits the processing of large quantities of items in relatively short periods of time. The facility includes solid concrete walls two feet thick and 15 feet high, accommodating munitions items containing up to 5,000 pounds of explosives

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