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This facility is used to run pyrotechnic experiments, data collection and analysis. It houses approximately 15 engineers who perform physical, electrical, thermal and mechanical experiments to characterize and evaluate novel pyrotechnic formulations and product designs. This facility contains the light tunnel which is used to run visible and infrared illuminating candle experiments and sound measurements.

This facility, in conjunction with the Pyrotechnic Pilot Manufacturing Facility, encompasses the entire range of R&D related to pyrotechnic formulations and items including both processing and testing capabilities. Processing is done at the small pilot plant level and includes mixing, granulation and drying of pyrotechnic composition and consolidation and loading of powder into items. Test capabilities access the thermodynamic, kinetic, physical and storage stability characteristics of pyrotechnic compositions using assorted equipment. In addition, a flare tunnel with the most current equipment and instrumentation is used to measure the burn time, radiometric, photometric and spectral characteristics of a wide range of pyrotechnic items. This facility can provide quick development of novel pyrotechnic items and transition to production.

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