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The Propulsion Systems Laboratory (PSL) is NASAs only ground test facility capable of providing true altitude and flight speed simulation for testing full scale gas turbine engines in a direct-connect (continuous operation) mode and sub-scale engines in a free-jet mode. PSL contains two large test chambers, Cell 3 is capable of testing gas turbine engines to Mach 3 conditions; Cell 4 to Mach 4 conditions and by using a special insert can test engine models up to Mach 6. The facility is also capable of testing turbo-shaft engines, core engines and various components. Special capabilities exist to operate engines and measure thrust for axial, deflected and reverse thrust configurations. Ice crystal cloud engine ingestion testing and research began in 2013. Advanced instrumentation, steady state and high speed data systems support acquisition of test data. Supporting systems include schlieren, infrared imaging, gas sampling, GH2 and hydrocarbon fuels, GO2, GN2 and high pressure air.

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