Nonhuman Primate Tissue Bank Handbook

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NIA, part of NIH, has developed a repository of tissue collected from nonhuman primate (NHP) species under contractual arrangement with Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (WI NPRC). Tissues are available as:

  • Fresh frozen (stored at -80 degrees Celsius)
  • Fixed blocks
  • Slides from fixed blocks
  • Fresh frozen in OCT medium (on a limited basis)

Tissue from NIA's Nonhuman Primate Tissue Bank is available to NIH-funded investigators at academic and nonprofit research institutions who are engaged in funded research on aging. The project name and funding source must accompany all orders. The NIA will not be able to ship non-human primate tissue outside of the United States or US territories. Investigators at for-profit entities are not eligible to purchase tissue from NIA's Nonhuman Primate Tissue Bank unless it is for a Small Business Innovation Research grant from NIA. Tissue is provided for eligible studies at no cost to the investigator.

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