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4247 South Patterson Road
Indian Head, MD 20640-5152
United States

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The Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Divisionis a unique national resource in the area of energetic materials and chemical processing. With the largest concentration of chemical engineers at one location within the Federal government, Indian Head has the capability to develop, scale up, produce, test, and provide life cycle support in the areas of energetic materials (propellants for rockets, missiles and gun applications, explosives for warheads) and specialty chemicals. Engineering support is provided for the components and subsystems in which the energetic materials are used. The Indian Head Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology Divisionis in a leadership role in the following areas: chemical synthesis of energetic materials (evaluation to production scales); development of any type of propellant (single, double, or triple base, nitramine, or composite) or explosive; processing any type of propellant (extruded, granulated, cast, etc.) or explosive (melt, pour/cast, pressed, PBX).


Provide primary technical capability in Energetics for all Warfare Centers through engineering, fleet and operational support, manufacturing technology, limited production, industrial base support, and secondary technical capability through research, development, test and evaluation for energetic materials, ordnance devices and components, and related ordnance engineering standards to include chemicals, propellants and their propulsion systems, explosives, pyrotechnics, warheads, and simulators. Provide support including special weapons support, explosive safety and ordnance environmental support to all warfare centers, military departments and the ordnance industry. Execute other responsibilities as assigned by Commander, Naval Surface Warfare Center.

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Cartridge- and Propellant-Actuated Devices (CAD/PADs)
Chemical Laboratory (Explosives)
Energetic Systems
Energetics Manufacturing
Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center (EMTC)
Energetics Technology
EOD Diver Complex
Explosive Test Ranges
Foreign Ordnance Electronics Exploitation Laboratory
Hypervelocity Test Facility


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