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About NRL

NRL is the corporate research laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps and conducts a broad program of scientific research, technology and advanced development. NRL has served the Navy and the nation for 90 years and continues to meet the complex technological challenges of today's world.


NRL operates as the Navy's full-spectrum corporate laboratory, conducting a broadly based multidisciplinary program of scientific research and advanced technological development directed toward maritime applications of new and improved materials, techniques, equipment, systems and ocean, atmospheric, and space sciences and related technologies. In fulfillment of this mission, NRL
-Initiates and conducts broad scientific research of a basic and long-range nature in scientific areas of interest to the Navy.
-Conducts exploratory and advanced technological development deriving from or appropriate to the scientific program areas.
-Within areas of technological expertise, develops prototype systems applicable to specific projects
-Assumes responsibility as the Navy's principal R&D activity in areas of unique professional competence upon designation from appropriate Navy or DOD authority.
-Performs scientific research and development for other Navy activities and, where specifically qualified, for other agencies of the Department of Defense and, in defense-related   efforts, for other Government agencies.
-Serves as the lead Navy activity for space technology and space systems development and support.
-Serves as the lead Navy activity for mapping, charting, and geodesy (MC&G) research and development for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).
NRL, the Navy's single, integrated Corporate Laboratory, provides the Navy with a broad foundation of in-house expertise from scientific through advanced development activity. Specific leadership responsibilities are assigned in the following areas:
-Primary in-house research in the physical, engineering, space, and environmental sciences.
-Broadly based applied research and advanced technology development program in response to identified and anticipated Navy and Marine Corps needs.
-Broad multidisciplinary support to the Naval Warfare Centers.
-Space and space systems technology, development, and support.

Tech Areas

Available Technologies
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Command and control of autonomous surface vehicle
Compact radial counterflow recuperator
Composite for Controleed Release of Small Molecules in Aquatic Environments
Composite for controlled release of small molecules in aquatic environments
Compression of hyperdata with ORASIS multisegment pattern sets (CHOMPS)
Computationally efficient method for image segmentation with intensity and texture discrimination
Cone penetrometer utilizing an X-ray fluorescence metals sensor
Continuous Sustainable Power Supply: Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell
Continuous Sustainable Power Supply: Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell
Continuous Sustainable Power Supply: Benthic Microbial Fuel Cell


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3 MV Tandem Pelletron Accelerator
300 Hz and 500 Hz Autonomous Acoustic Sources
Acoustic Communications Measurement Systems (ACOMMS)
Advanced Microscopy Facility
Advanced Multifunction Radio Frequency Concept Testbed
Advanced Silicon Carbide Epitaxial Research Facility
Airborne Early Warning Radar Facility
Airborne Surveillance Command and Control (ASC2) Research Platform
Antifoulant Coatings Exposure Site
Atmospheric Prediction System Development Laboratory


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