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The Naval Medical Research Center's Office of Technology Transfer is part of an ongoing Department of the Navy effort to promote innovative discoveries that change our world for the better. We support over 12 naval research laboratories throughout the U.S. and around the world in their efforts to develop and share valuable innovations. Since 1999, our portfolio has expanded to over 150 patents and applications that cover a wide range of technologies. Fields of research from the biomedical, environmental, dental, aerospace, and biological warfare defense industries focus on finding solutions to both conventional and battlefield medical problems. Many of these technologies have affected the lives of millions around the world in the form of vaccines, hand-held assays, molecular diagnostics, and confirmatory analysis.


To conduct research, development, tests and evaluations to enhance the health, safety and readiness of Navy and Marine Corps personnel in the effective performance of peacetime and contingency missions, and to perform such other functions or tasks as may be directed by higher authority.

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