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The Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center (EXWC), based in Port Hueneme, CA, is the Navy's principle Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation center for Shore and Near-shore Facilities, Underwater Facilities, and Expeditionary Equipment. EXWC delivers specialized engineering and innovative technology solutions, in-service engineering, and life-cycle management for the Navy, Marine Corps, federal agencies, and other DOD commands. NAVFAC EXWC was established 20 September 2016 that joined several NAVFAC specialty centers and commands, and offers a wealth of opportunities in areas such as environmental science, ocean and seafloor engineering, facilities engineering, energy science and engineering, and information security. EXWC is a command of approximately 1,000 employees (900 civilian and 100 Military). We employ more than 450 scientists, engineers, and architects in specific programs such as cyber security and defense, water security and sustainability, environmental restoration and conservation, energy security and technology integration, undersea and waterfront facilities sustainment, and facilities sustainment.


Our mission is to identify and apply emerging engineering solutions through engineering, design, construction, consultation, test and evaluation, technology demonstration, implementation, and program management support. We leverage technology to enhance our clients' effectiveness and efficiency. We use existing technology where we can, identify and adapt breakthrough technology when appropriate, and perform technology development when required. By doing this, we extend the life of waterfront facilities, improve the operation and safety of ship support systems, support the Naval Expeditionary Program with systems acquisition and life-cycle management of equipment and material required to support the mission of expeditionary forces ashore, and work within environmental constraints while saving time, money, and energy.

Tech Areas

Available Technologies
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Adjustable depth air sparging well
Apparatus for the removal of heavy metals from acidic wastewater and chemical solutions
Bioreactor system for biological degradation of oily sludge
Dual point adjustable depth air sparging well system
Materials for removing toxic metals from wastewater
Mercury-free fusible alloy for electrolyzing salts
Method and apparatus for producing potable water from seawater using forward osmosis
Method for recovering potable water from the exhaust of an internal combustion engine


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Aircraft Engine Simulation Facility
Concrete and Pavement Laboratory
Corrosion and Chemistry Laboratory
Corrosion Test Pier
Deep Ocean Simulation Facility
DoD Locks Program Test Facility
Environmental Test Site with Biofuels production demonstration facility (under CRADA) and anaerobic digestion laboratory equipment
Floating Double-Deck Test Pier
Large (12x8x31ft) Environmental Chamber for simulating thermal conditions ranging from -55F to 120F
M/V INDEPENDENCE, ~200’ Ocean Construction & Research ship


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