National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL)

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26 West Martin Luther King Drive
Mail Stop G75
Cincinnati, OH 45268
United States

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As EPA's premiere laboratory for risk management research, NRMRL focuses on environmental problem-solving. Recognized as a national leader in scientific and engineering expertise and capability, NRMRL's research portfolio spans the five goals outlined in EPA's Strategic Plan, and directly supports efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, manage chemical risks, clean up hazardous waste sites, and protect America's water.

Environmental risk management seeks to determine what environmental risks exist and how to manage those risk in a way best suited to protect human health and the environment. Our mission is to advance scientific and engineering solutions to manage current and future environmental risk.


Our mission is to develop ways to prevent and reduce pollution of air, land, and water, and to restore ecosystems. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, and divisions in North Carolina, Oklahoma, and New Jersey, our staff of several hundred scientists and engineers shares the mission to solve a wide range of environmental challenges.

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