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The facilities include a wide range of apparatus for production, potential scale up and characterization of nanostructures. Facilities for production of nanostructures includes: a chemical vapor deposition oven system for production of carbon nanostructures, radio frequency generated plasma systems to scale up production of metal nanoparticles, rapid expansion of saturated solution (RESS) of fluids for production of nanocrystals, as well as facilities to chemically make and coat metal nanoparticles in oxygen free environments.
The available facilities/equipment that can be used to characterize energetic materials and formulations include: atomic force microscope; scanning tunneling microscope; MicroRaman; Chemical Vapor Deposition Oven; photo correlation spectroscopy; Rapid expansion of saturate supercritical fluids; magnetic resonance; x-ray diffraction; X-Ray Photo Electron Spectroscopy; Picosecond spectroscopy.

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