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The ARDEC Munitions New Equipment Training and Media Production Branch (MNET) provides training and fielding support for newly developed armaments, munitions, demolition and explosive systems, non-lethal and force protection items and other equipment acquired and fielded to Warfighters throughout the United States Army.

NET Managers develop training programs in support of materiel developers at ARDEC and on contract to other major commands. Training Instructors develop and provide Training Support Packages to TRADOC schools and major commands. Operator and maintenance training is provided to selected military occupational specialty qualified personnel in fielded units of active, national guard and reserve major commands.

Maintenance management specialists develop, prepare, review, staff and distribute Materiel Fielding Plans (MFP), Materiel Fielding agreements (MFA), and Memoranda of Notification (MON). The plans/agreements are negotiated with the gaining commands and issued for armaments, munitions and systems supported by ARDEC.

The Video Production Facility is a 16 x 34' studio with state of the art cameras, lighting, teleprompters, backdrops and a sound proof booth for completing Department of the Army training support package multimedia productions as well as marketing multimedia productions for the ARDEC, PEO and PM organizations.

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