MRAP System Integration Laboratory (SIL) M&S Environment


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6501 E. Eleven Mile Rd.
Warren, MI 48091
United States


The MRAP SIL is designed to be an environment that ensures the correct integration and intended functionality of vehicle electronics. It also provides for complete system verification and validation of multiple vehicle configurations. The lab also serves as an avenue for post-production support, regression testing, man-machine interface/human factors development, training, future technology demonstration and rapid prototyping of proposed subsystems.

The MRAP SIL houses of two full-sized, reconfigurable cab mockups complete with steering wheels, pedals, and instrument panels resembling the Caiman and MATV variants of the MRAP vehicle. Three six-foot screens and projectors provide a simulated out the window view for each cab that allows the driver to maneuver a simulated MRAP through the virtual battle space. Both of the cab mock-ups are integrated together on the same simulation network to provide an interoperability aspect to the MRAP SIL.

MATV and Caiman Cabs
- Real-Time Vehicle Dynamics
- Force Feedback Steering
- Reconfigurable Instrument Panels

M&S Environment
- DIS/HLA Compatible
- VICTORY Compliant
- MRAP Visual & Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) Models
- Populate SAF (Red and Blue) on FBCB2 Map
- CAN Data Simulation
- Sensor Simulation
- Remote Weapon Station Video Simulation & Sensor Control
- Long Range Advance Scout Surveillance
- System (LRAS3) Video Simulation & Sensor Control
- Driver’s Video Enhancer (DVE) Video Simulation
- Check6 Video Simulation
- Driver’s Out the Window Video Simulation

- System/Software Integration
- Software Testing
- Rapid Prototyping
- Operational Effectiveness Evaluation
- Interoperability Testing

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