Molecular and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory


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11649 Leetown Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430
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Description of Capability:
The Molecular and Environmental Microbiology Laboratory performs molecular analyses of aquatic bacterial, viral, and parasitic agents using advanced methodologies including qualitative and quantitative PCR, Gene Expression, as well as Sanger and Next-Generation Sequencing. Additionally, the laboratory uses analysis of environmental (e)DNA to perform fecal source tracking and to monitor rare and/or cryptic species including species at risk and invasives.


  • Microbiome Analysis
  • Gene Expression
  • Next-Generation Sequencing,
  • qPCR
  • Fecal Source Tracking
  • Metabarcoding
  • Environmental (e)DNA

Scientific Opportunities/Applications:

  • Detection of small quantities of DNA in the environment (e)DNA to detect the presence of cryptic species including invasive and/or invasive species.
  • Determination of the source of fecal contamination by detection of the species-specific mitochondrial DNA deposited with the contamination.
  • Development, testing, and application of PCR and qPCR assays for the detection of viral, bacterial, and parasite pathogens.
  • Phylogenetic analysis of animal populations.
  • Functional analysis of gene expression.
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