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RTC's missile flight test capabilities center around Test Area 1, a fullyinstrumented, 8km long range, located on 8,000 square feet with smaller, satellite ranges customized for R&D testing of new weapon system technologies, as well as project-managed systems at the system, subsystem and component level throughout the system's lifecycle. Flight test capabilities are designed for remote or man-fired testing of tactical guided missiles, rockets, and machine guns from ground and aviation platforms against stationary or moving targets. Test capabilities are also available for aviation weapons systems integration & testing that combines gun, rocket, laser, and sensor testing from various Army aviation platforms. Target tracking capability includes time space positioning information and velocity data collection through optical, acoustic, and radar systems such as Weibel doppler radar, Oehler acoustic arrays, Mobile Optical Tracking System, and the Mobile Multi-sensor TSPI System. The ranges include state-of-the-art, high speed digital imaging used for launch, target, and warhead data collection, as well as data reduction and other imaging and documentation capabilities. All instrumentation is enabled by complete instrumentation infrastructure including fiber optic or wireless instrumentation needs for data collection.

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